"George Leger III has been an invaluable resource for me. He has assisted in the recording of live musicians and singers, done computer set up for Pro Tools and Logic, maintained and corrected numerous problems that crop up - and overall, been there to make the world a better place! When I have any concern, I call George because I know it will be fixed. Who could ask for anything more!" - Michael Lloyd , Producer/Music Supervisor/Songwriter

"As President of Entertainment for MTV, I've been privileged to work alongside many great musicians. So when I decided to work with friends on a musical, the bar was high: we only wanted to work with the best. I'd met George initially as a teacher, who initiated me to the ways of Logic. His teaching style was methodical, friendly, and flexible, and he was genuinely fun to be around. When our musical began to take shape, we were not unlike the kids on GLEE -- amateurs feeling our way through it. George stepped in and joined our musical family, and since then, has proved himself an adept partner, working with me to arrange tracks, adding musical ideas of his own, mixing and polishing the music so we sounded like pro's, and always delivering on deadline with a minimum of drama. Many people are good at one specialized discipline, but George can pinch hit across a variety of disciplines -- teaching, recording, mixing, arranging, and interpreting. I'd highly recommend his services." - Brian Graden , Former President of Entertainment for MTV/Producer/Songwriter/Writer

George Leger has been an invaluable asset to me in the studio. George is a forward thinker which is very rare to find these days. His work ethic is amazing. I would highly recommend him to help design, create and troubleshoot almost anything in a recording studio environment. George is always at forefront of the most cutting edge technology and new software available to the studio professional. He keeps up with all the compatibility issues which helps save time and aggravation when upgrading software. Whenever I need him, he always makes himself available. When he does not know the answer to a problem, he takes it upon himself to research the issue and come up with a quick solution. Most importantly, George really listens and learns about everyone's needs to make sure he customizes a workable system that makes sense for each individual client. Greg O'Connor, Composer/Songwriter/Producer

Thanks to George Leger, the learning curve on Logic 6 was not as tough as anticipated. I even think the Canadian boy loved coming to Utah. - Donny Osmond, Producer/Actor/Songwriter/Writer

George is ... on top of it all, constantly upgrading his knowledge base; treating his mind like a renewable hard drive ... what he doesn't know, he will find out. - Kat Dyson, Musician/Producer

If making music with computers was acting, George would be Richard Burton with a dash of Mel Gibson. - Larry Treadwell, Musician/Producer

Your music added an incredible dimension to my feature film.Your cool creative ideas helped me out of many a jam ... a consummate professional! - Dave Voda, Director/Writer/Producer